It’s OK To Like Jazz

We all know someone who says something like, “I’m not into jazz” or “I just don’t get what jazz is all about.” So we’ve put together a 100 track play list that should convince even the most sceptical that ‘It’s OK To Like Jazz.’ And if you already like jazz, we think that you’ll love our tunes.


Jazz – The Autobiography

If Jazz was to write it’s own autobiography what do you think would be chosen as the 100 tracks to tell this most incredible life story? Of course it’s not possible to tell the whole story as in the early days in New Orleans there was no recordings made. It was not until 1917 when the Original Dixieland Jass Band (that’s what it says on the 78rpm shellac disc) cut the very first jazz record in New York that we are able to begin the life story of jazz through recordings.

We have tackled the task of selecting the tracks in what is inevitably an arbitrary fashion. Some recordings just have to be there, while others represent a degree of subjectivity. But whatever your tastes in jazz there will be more than enough music here to keep you happy…

Jazz The autobiography

The Jazz 20

Twenty albums that could begin a journey into listening to jazz more seriously, or if a friend asks you what records they should listen to in order to appreciate jazz more fully. It’s no good people starting to listen to jazz on the margins; it’s like giving a ten year old, Tolstoy’s ‘War & Peace’ to read, chances are they will not make it past the first page. And as someone recently said, ‘Trane’s A Love Supreme is a destination, not a starting point…

Stress Buster Jazz

The perfect soundtrack to a sunday or great music for you to kick back and relax with…

Blue Note – The Autobiography

The soundtrack to 75 years of this legendary label.

Rhythms of Brazil – Summer, Sun & Samba


The Big 3 Tenors

Hawk, Pres and Frog, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Ben Webster are justifiably called ‘The Big 3 Tenors’. Here you can hear just why…

Jazz at the Philharmonic

For two decades Jazz at the Philharmonic were a series of legendary concerts that toured America and later the world. This is some of the most exciting jazz ever captured, played by some of the greatest names in jazz…